Контроллер GPIB-Ethernet Agilent E5810


  • поддержка стандартов IEEE488.1 и IEEE488.2
  • работа с сетями Ethernet 10 и 100 Мбит/сек
  • дополнительно один порт RS232
  • скорость обмена по GPIB до 900 Кбайт/сек, по RS232 до 115 Кбит/сек
  • диапазон рабочих температур от -5 град. С до 60 град. С
  • вес 1,6 кг
Цена: 56000 руб.

Подробное описание:


  • Remote access and control of GPIB instruments via LAN
  • Easy setup and use via digital display and web browser

Best for 

  • Connection to remote GPIB and RS-232 instrumentation
  • Shared test systems

Remote access and collaboration with GPIB instruments via your LAN

The E5810A can use DHCP, if avail- able, to automatically configure nec- essary network parameters, including its IP address. The gateway can be controlled from multiple locations and by multiple users via your LAN, so it is easy to share control of instru- ments from locations worldwide.

For easy remote access, enter the IP address from the digital display as the URL in your web browser and gain access to connected GPIB and RS-232 instruments. Then use your browser to send instrument com- mands interactively, and quickly see your measurement results. Use the digital display and LEDs to check the IP address and troubleshoot locally.

System use

For system environments, the E5810A gateway can be mounted on a rack. The rack mount kit (Option 100) allows two devices to be placed side-by-side in one rack width. With its built-in power supply, there are no additional power modules to mount.

E5810A technical specifications 
General requirements
Minimum system requirements Refer to page 4 for requirements in using the Agilent IO Libraries software (included with the connectivity product) 
Supported standards
  • IEEE 488.1 and IEEE 488.2 compatible
  • 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX networks
  • VXI-11 protocol
  • RS-232
  • VISA 2.2 and Agilent SICL 
General characteristics 
Input voltage  Universal input 100 to 240 V (± 10%) @ 47 to 63 Hz 
Power 25 VA peak (7.5 Watts typical) 
Power line frequency 47 to 63 Hz 
Connectors Std 24-pin GPIB (IEEE-488), RS-232 (9-pin), LAN RJ-45
Maximum data rates

900 KB/s—GPIB port

115 Kb/s—RS-232 port

Maximum instrument connection

14 instruments—daisy chain via GPIB

1 RS-232 device

Up to 16 simultaneous connectivity connections 

Indicators LEDs for Power, Activity, Fault 
EMC and safety
  • IEC 61326-1: Group 1, Class A 
  • IEC 61010-1 
  • Pollution Degree 2 
  • Indoor use only
Warranty 1 year
Network protocols See the E5810A User’s Manual for supported network protocols and functions 
Width, depth and height

212.3 W x 230 D x 43.4 H (mm)

(1U height, ½   rack) 

Weight 1.6 kg 
Environmental specifications
Operating environment –5 °C to 60 °C 
Operating humidity Up to 95% at 40 °C non-condensing 
Storage environment  –40 °C to 70 °C 
Storage humidity Up to 90% at 65 °C non-condensing 
Ordering information
Includes Agilent IO Libraries Suite and VISA/SICL programming manuals on CD-ROM 
  • GPIB cables/adapter (see page 9) 
  • Rack Mount Kit (Option 100)

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