Плата PCI-GPIB Agilent 82350

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  • поддержка стандартов  IEEE488.1 и IEEE488.2
  • работа с PCI версии 2.1
  • скорость обмена по GPIB до 900 Кбайт/сек
  • подключение до 14 приборов
  • диапазон рабочих температур от 0 град. С до 55 град. С
Цена: 36000 руб.

Подробное описание:


  • PCI IEEE-488 interface for PCs
  • Transfer rates up to 900 KB/s
  • Dual processor support on the latest Windows operating system

Best for

  • Maximum GPIB throughput for all configurations

High performance for manufacturing test applications

The 82350B is Agilent’s highest- performance GPIB interface. With a direct PCI computer connection, transaction overhead is minimized for the best overall performance.

The 82350B card de-couples GPIB transfers from PCI bus transfers. Buffering provides connectivity and system performance that is superior to direct memory access (DMA). The hardware is software-configurable and compatible with the plug-and- play standard for easy hardware installation. The GPIB interface card plugs into a 5 volt PCI slot in the backplane of your PC.

82350B technical specifications 
General requirements
Minimum system requirements Refer to page 4 for requirements in using the Agilent IO Libraries software (included with the connectivity product) 
PCI bus slot 5-V PCI slot, 32 bits 
Supported standards IEEE 488.1 and IEEE 488.2 compatible, PCI rev 2.1 
General characteristics 
Power Backplane +5 V PCI
  • Standard 24-pin GPIB (IEEE-488)
  • +5 V PCI 
Maximum data rate

900 KB/s 

Maximum instrument connection

14 instruments—daisy chain via GPIB

Buffering Built-in 
Configuration Plug-and-play 
EMC and safety

IEC 61326-1: Group 1, Class A

IEC 61010-1 

Warranty 1 year
Length, width, and height

122 mm (L) x 122 mm (W) x 22 mm (H)

(a full-height PCI card) 

Weight 0.091 kg 
Environmental specifications
Operating environment 0 °C to 55 °C
Operating humidity Up to 90% at 40 °C non-condensing 
Storage environment  –40 °C to 70 °C 
Storage humidity Up to 90% at 65 °C non-condensing 
Ordering information
Includes Agilent IO Libraries Suite and VISA/SICL programming manuals on CD-ROM 
Accessories GPIB cables/adapter 

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