Компьютерный генератор PCG1000


  • формируемые сигналы – стандартные (синус, меандр, пила и пр.), библиотека форм сигналов
  • возможность создания индивидуальных форм сигналов
  • воспроизведение ранее зарегистрированных сигналов
  • частота дискретизации 50 МГц
  • диапазон частот 0,01 Гц - 2 МГц
  • разрешение ЦАП 8 двоичных разрядов
  • коэффициент нелинейных искажений 0,08 %
  • память 8 К
  • выходной диапазон напряжения 100 мВ - 10 Вна нагрузке 600 Ом
  • выход внешней синхронизации TTL уровня
  • полная гальваническая изоляция от компьютера
  • подключение и питание- USB2.0 
  • развитое программное обеспечение для Windows98/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Цена: 24800 руб.

Подробное описание:

The PCGU1000 is a digital function generator which can be connected with a PC via USB.
Standard signal waves like e.g. sine, triangle and rectangle are available; other sine waves can be easily created.
The signal waves are created in the PC and produced by the function generator via DDS (Direct Digital wave Synthesis)
Frequencies up to 2MHz.
Features 2 equal outputs and a TTL Sync output.
Output voltage of 1mVtt up to 10Vtt at 600 ohms.
All outputs are galvanically separated from the PC in order to avoid measuring problems. Comes with power adapter.

frequency range: from 0.01Hz to 2MHz
crystal-based stability
outputs are galvanically isolated from the PC
low sine wave distortion
two parallel output connectors for waveforms
TTL-level synchronisation output
stores up to 8192 of waveform points
standard waveforms: sine, square and triangle
predefined library waveforms included: noise, sweep, ...
you can create your own waveforms with the integrated signal wave editor
sweep frequency range 0.0001Hz to 25MHz
sweep time 1ms to 10 hours
noise mode bandwidth 25MHz
extended bode plot option together with PC scope
automated wave sequence generation, using file or computer RS232 input.
DLL available for custom software development
in the box:
USB function generator
getting started manual
software on CD
USB cable
worldwide charging adaptor


amplitude range: 100mVpp to 10Vpp @ 1KHz// 600ohm load / 0V offset
frequency setting resolution: 0.01%
With internal 40 dB attenuator (output divided by 100)
direct digital wave synthesis (DDS), stores up to 8192 of waveform points
amplitude resolution: 0.4% of full scale
offset: from 0 to -5V or +5V max. (resolution 0.4% of full scale)
vertical resolution: 8 bits (0.4% of full scale)
sample rate: 50MHz
typical sine wave distortion (THD): < 0.08%
output impedance: 2 x 50ohm
power supply: standard 9V DC adapter, 600mA (included)
dimensions: 55 x 190 x 200mm (2,2" x 7,5" x 7,9")
minimum system requirements:
IBM compatible PC
Windows™ 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista *
SVGA display card (min. 800x600)
free USB port
CD Rom player
USB PC function generator
USB cable
getting started manual
software on CD

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